Robots, miniatures, software, visual effects, animation, anything that we can get our hands deep into and turn inside out.  Hydralab's talent is taking on the hard stuff, diving in, and delivering great results.  We're ambitious, passionate, and multi-faceted.

What we do

From creating innovative software and technology, to executing high-end visual effects, to developing and directing commercials and short films, hydralab occupies many worlds - and its core mission, to remain broad, agile and outstanding, puts it in a unique position to understand visual communication and information.

We're not yet sure if we're a creative agency or a production studio or a software company, but we think we're somewhere in between.  We'll design and build the tech to advance your latest brand campaign, take on a few hundred effects shots, brainstorm your new research methods with you, or partner with you on a social benefit project.

We also direct films and commercials.